Here is a list of the MAJORS offered this year at Senior DECATS.  Please click on the MAJOR to see a detailed description of that class along with photos from previous years. 


Culinary Arts

Do you have what it takes to run a restaurant? We will learn the ins and outs of this industry while creating culinary masterpieces.  During our course we will explore the foundations of classical cuisine, learn the fundamentals of nutrition, develop a sense of using local ingredients in menu development, dine well on our wonderful creations, and imagine opportunities for a career in the culinary arts! Bon Appétit! 

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 Scholars in Drama will be exposed to a variety performance techniques including acting, story-telling, movement, voice, dance, and improvisation as well as theater production skills including scenic, lighting, sound, and costume design and event promotion.  While developing these skills through games and exercises,  scholars will work with teachers to deconstruct and reinvent an established text to create wholly unique world premiere rock musical that will be performed on the last day of the program.  All  scholars are invited to perform as actors in the production but students interested in behind the scenes work involving stage-management, set construction, and sound and lighting operation are encouraged to join this major as well!

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Film Making

 Are you creative and think you have the skills to both entertain and inform? In the past, this major was known as “Rock Opera”, but it has evolved into a more technical, creative experience using original music, original writing and lots of laughs that culminates in a film shown to the DECATS community the last day of the program.  

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 The Journalism/Multimedia Major  scholars   are introduced to both traditional and multimedia journalism work by publishing the DECATS newspaper, producing the announcements and weekly slideshow and updating our information in a variety of social media platforms.   Scholars are trained in the fundamental principles and techniques of print journalism as well as provided the opportunity to practice skills necessary to create a comprehensive presence in social media.  Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on production, students become writers, editors, producers, marketers, and critics of their creative work.  They will have the opportunity to investigate stories, interview their peers and professionals in the Dallas area, and report back to the DECATS community.   Scholar-generated slideshows and broadcasts will be featured in our community meetings.  The Journalism Majors are in the know and keep everyone on their toes.  Scheduled field trips and guest speakers enhance the journalists’ experience and introduce scholars to the rapidly-changing Journalism field.
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Math - STEM


Want to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, or how to create a circuit or video game using Bloxels?  Well, then come STEM up with us.  We will learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, create mosaics, and participate in many other fun activities using a Rubik’s Cube.  Oh, my OHMS.  What does resistance mean?  Volt on into this class to learn all about electricity and how to create circuits. Want to create a video game but do not want to write code?  Come learn how to use Bloxels and create your very own video game that you and all the class can enjoy.
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Mock Trial


Thinking of a career in law or advocacy? Is it your destiny to be a leader of tomorrow? Are you interested in debate or persuasive speaking? Scholars enrolling in Mock Trial will learn the basic elements of debate, proper courtroom etiquette, direct and cross-examination tactics, use of logic in argument, the structure of opening statements and closing arguments, Texas rules of evidence, and other matters related to trial advocacy. We’ll be divided into teams and will be assigned cases. Scholars  will have all the roles in the courtroom: lawyers, witnesses, personnel – the judge will be your facilitator. The case will be tried. You will be challenged to push your limits, develop leadership, communication and problem-solving skills and your ability to work well with a team. Guest speakers will be from the legal world  the legal world and we will go on field trips to both a courtroom and law school.   Wednesday evening June 17th, we will have a mock trial competition that guests are invited to attend.
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The human mind and psyche are incredible.  Intuitively, people feel that the more options they have, the greater their chances are of finding the choice that will perfectly satisfy their needs.  We will examine psychology of choice and explore why we subconsciously make the decisions we do, what motivates those decisions, and what needs those decisions might satisfy.  Whether it is the type of candy we choose or the person we endorse for president, psychological factors help determine those choices.  Participate in social experiments, survey fellow DECATS scholars, make predictions and examine your results.  Consult research and listen to professionals describe how choices are manipulated in our world.  Offer suggestions and make observations about choices you and others make.  Are we merely programmed robots or do we REALLY have a choice? 

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 This Science Major will use the engineering process and scientific method to explore centrifugal and centripetal forces with art, tension, and angles, using a variety of gizmos and gadgets. Scholars will be challenged to use their new knowledge and build a gadget\gizmo to create an artistic masterpiece focused on a biome. Students will explore various topics, including Physics, Chemistry, and Environmental Science.
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Visual Arts

If you are a scholar who really likes to experiment with painting, drawing, and sculpture, this major is for you. Come and express yourself with unique and innovative artwork using a variety of media in a fun environment. Some projects may include hand building with clay, painting, collage, and found object sculptures. All artwork will be on exhibit during an art show on the last day of the DECATS program in the atrium gallery. A field trip to an interesting art destination is planned. 

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